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Alone on the way to his wedding

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Alone on the way to his wedding

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Alone on the way to his wedding

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A joyfully broken plate, sounds of happiness, tears of joy . . .
The first pictures of the bride and groom . . .
A warm smile and hopeful eyes . . .

Standing where the parents usually would be is a generous couple, a different type of mother and father who, up until recently, were totally unknown to this young couple.

A couple who opened their hearts and home for the chosson, who was a confused young man from a broken home (and with a broken soul . . .).

They bore the difficult years with him and, with great self-sacrifice, brought him to the greatest day of his life alongside his kallah.

Later on, after the party has wrapped up, the chosson laid down to sleep, his heart at ease, while this generous couple remained awake all night, lost in thought: ""How were we able to marry off this boy, who isn't even our own, while in our own family, we barely take care of everyone? What a miracle""

Let's join in this amazing mitza. The goal for this campaign is 40,000 shekels in order to cover the wedding. We don't have a moment to lose!

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