Our mission:

To create a global neighborhood of meaningful giving

What we’ve learned from
20 years in the world of giving

As an organization that has helped countless families over the years, our experience has taught us a simple truth: people give to causes close to heart.

We noticed that when givers are able to give directly to a cause they choose, they find the experience more meaningful.

The heart makes all
the difference

There’s a reason helping your neighbor who’s fallen on hard times feels different. It’s personal, it’s direct, and it’s close to home.

We wondered: could we expand that feeling to someone who doesn’t live next door? Could we make “across the world” just as close as “across the street”?

Making it global

We launched Heart to Cause to erase the geographical boundaries of lovingkindness.

Now anyone, anywhere can choose a cause close to heart and help them out directly. Because giving should always feel meaningful – and that’s the heart of the matter.

We exist to connect givers directly to the people who need them.

Heart to Cause, where giving is:

Close to heart

Our platform includes a search feature, which allows you to
filter by cause, family type, location, and more.

This allows you to give to a cause that deeply resonates with

As one heart

You’re not just giving charity on your own – you’re a vital part in a global network of givers, joining together to take care of our people. And even the smallest donations add up to make a big impact.

Straight from the heart

When you give through
Heart to Cause, 100% of your donation goes straight to those who need it. You can’t be right there with them – but this is the next best thing.

Wish you could do more?

Your heart’s in the right place. Become an ambassador for a cause meaningful to you and be an integral part of its success! You’ll get a personal page so you can share with others and encourage them to contribute.

Warmly Endorsed

Endorsed by rabbis in the community as a crucial initiative handled with care and integrity.

“Heart to Cause revolutionized how we take care of our community.”

Join the movement

Connect with communities all over the world in a close-knit network of giving.

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